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The overall goal of the National Coalition for Family and Consumer Sciences Education is to increase communication and project a unified voice and focus on Family and Consumer Sciences education issues.

Issue Briefs

A new addition to the public policy section will be a series of issue briefs focused on important societal issues impacting family and consumer sciences. The first addressed the obesity crisis and the important role family and consumer sciences teachers take to address the issue locally. More briefs will be posted in the future!


The AAFCS website has a public policy section which provides information on the AAFCS public policy priorities including financial literacy, health & wellness, and child care. It also includes links to public policy resources. Check out the website at http://www.aafcs.org/Advocacy/index.asp.

Another good public policy site is maintained by the Association for Career & Technical Education at https://www.acteonline.org/policy/

CareerTech.org is an additional resource for issues, trends, and policies related to Career and Technical Education. This site is maintained by the National Association of State Directors of Career and Technical Education Consortium. State CTE profiles can be downloaded from this site's homepage.


Sample Letters