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The overall goal of the National Coalition for Family and Consumer Sciences Education is to increase communication and project a unified voice and focus on Family and Consumer Science issues.

Marketing Materials

Marketing Family and Consumer Sciences to Policymakers (Jewell Deene Ellis)
Public Relations - A Key to Your Success (Marcia Ritter)
Marketing Promotional Strategies (Marcia Ritter)
Awesome Marketing Strategies (Marcia Ritter)
Examples of Winning Displays (Marcia Ritter)
Making the Case (Wendy Ambrose)


American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences- Media Tool Kit (http://www.aafcs.org/mediakit/value.asp)

Promotional planning calendar using special days or themes during the calendar year

A handy public relations tool kit and articles related to public relations

Resources and information about public relations and marketing

The Museum of Public Relations - historical perspective of the field

Information for highlighting National Family Week (the week of Thanksgiving each year) - sponsored by the Alliance for Children and Families

Family and Consumer Sciences Education University Programs Interactive Map- created by Amanda Holland, Graduate Research Assistant, Family and Consumer Sciences Education Doctoral Program, Texas Tech University